Self assessment tax returns

Hallys & Co Chartered Accountants makes preparing and filing your Self-Assessment Tax Return fast, easy, and efficient.

Do I need to do a tax return?

Yes, if you’re a self-employed sole trader or the director of a company, you’ll need to submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return each year.

If you earn rental income from investment properties, have a significant portfolio of stocks, shares and other investments, or are a higher rate tax payer, making personal pension contributions or charitable payments under gift aid, then you should be completing a self-assessment tax return. We can help in all of these circumstances and more.

Hallys & Co will make sure your tax returns are submitted on time, working out which tax band you’re in and whether you need to pay Capital Gains Tax, while giving advice on efficiently minimising the tax you’re required to pay.

Why use Hallys & Co?

Hallys & Co has many years of experience as fully-qualified Chartered Accountants, so we’re experts in taking on all the hard work of managing tax and dealing with HMRC.

You can use the time that would have otherwise been spent worrying about self-assessment, deadlines, and penalties on managing and growing your business.

Filing and Payment deadlines.

Self-Assessment Tax Return

Businesses and sole-traders need to fill out and submit a Self-Assessment Tax Return after the end of each tax year, which is on 5 April.

Deadlines for paying your tax bill

Your tax return must be submitted and paid by 31 January when filing online, but Hallys & Co will ensure you don’t have to worry, by making sure you never miss a deadline 

What happens if I miss a deadline?

If you’re late with deadlines, you or your business is liable to incur penalties.

If you’re up to 3 months late you’ll be charged £100, with the cost increasing the longer you leave paying.

You can use HMRC’s penalty calculator to see how much you’ll need to pay in penalties, but Hallys & Co will ensure you never miss a deadline.

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